Albania is very safe country to visit, no matter who you are and where you are coming from, Albanians treat foreign people with respect and smile in their lips and always willing to help. Albanians are well known in the world for their hospitality, specially in the WWII when Jewish people were hunted from Nazis all over Europe and Albania became their second home. In the country you will note the harmony between the religions compared to no one, Muslims and Christians living together, wishing each other for their festiv ceremonies , churches stand close to the mosques, Muslims going to churches, Christians going to Mosques and the best, they married each other, no matter to which religion they belong. Crimes in the country often are caused in the family or revenge between gangster grups, but tourists aren't target by locals. The biggest risk in Albania is driving, as the rest of Balkan Peninsula Countries, Albanian drivers are very aggressive while driving, but if you stay calm and patient you will do great. With several terrorist attacks in these days in many countries, but never happened in Albania, for sure we can say that Albania is a safe country as much is England,Italy,France, Sweden or Spain.